De Grendel Celebrates Maturity and Longevity

In a world obsessed with youthfulness, De Grendel is celebrating maturity and the age-worthiness of their wines, demonstrated by excellent results in the 10-Year-Old Wine Report for four years in a row.

The latest well-matured achiever is the 10-year-old De Grendel Shiraz 2013, which scored 93 points in the 2023 report. This follows a Top 10 place, with 92 points, for their flagship De Grendel Rubaiyat 2012 in 2022.

De Grendel is building a track record of success across in the respected wine magazine’s 10-Year-Old Wine report, with De Grendel Winifred 2011 achieving a Top 10 place with a score of 93 in 2021, and De Grendel Merlot 2010 earning 90 points in the previous year’s report.

Cellarmaster Charles Hopkins said the cellar’s performance over the past four years highlighted not only the excellent longevity of De Grendel wines that mature into their full power and elegance over time, but also consistent quality across vintages and varietals.

“If we scored well in the 10-Year-Old Wine Report over the years with different vintages of the same wine, that would be great and a marker of the quality and ageability of that one wine. Even better is that we are achieving excellent scores for a number of matured wines in our portfolio, both red and white, showing that our winemaking approach – making wines that are eminently drinkable on release, with superb ageing potential – delivers quality and ageability across varietals and blends, and does so consistently year after year,” he said.

“For me, our performance in these 10-year-old wine reports says to the wine lover that they can buy De Grendel wines to lay down in their cellars with the confidence of knowing that they will reward patience and time.”

Most of the winning 10-year-old wines are available from the De Grendel Vinothèque, on the farm and online, where they offer a wide selection of premium red and white wines from various past vintages, optimally matured in the De Grendel cellar for up to 10 years (more, in some cases).