Marketing 101:  How to Utilise Great Wine Reviews

For many producers, great wine reviews do not come around often enough, especially if they come from a reputable wine critic, well-known wine personality or acclaimed magazine. But should the day arrive where a Michael Fridjhon, Tim Atkin, Christian Eedes or Jancis Robinson sings your wine’s praises, it is important to maximise the review to the fullest. Not only will it give your wines credibility, but it can also act as an important tool that can be the determinant for the next sale. Here are some ways your marketing team should be using a great wine review.

  1. Put it on your website

Never forget that your website is literally your virtual shop window. This is the place where you want to show your absolute best. You can create a text box on the home page / landing page in which the review is quoted. Not only will it create an immediate positive and professional impression to the reader, but it may also convince the reader to add the product to their online shopping cart.

  1. Use it in your company newsletter

When you run out of interesting content to communicate to your target audience, a positive review can be that little bit of magic that you are looking for to spark the reader’s interest. Always remember to add a hyperlink in your newsletter to lead the reader to your online web shop where they can purchase the product.


  1. Post it on your social media channels

Build the review into your content calendar and ensure you spread the message on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and whatever social media channels your organisation makes use of. To spark added interest, use an image of the reviewer if it is a well-known wine personality or a cover of the magazine where the review was published. Not only will it give some weight and substance to your post, but you’ll be using the reviewer to act as an ‘influencer’ to your audience – a brilliant way of creating extra leads and sales.

  1. Communicate it to your wine club

Your organisation’s wine club is a group of loyal wine drinkers who allow themselves to be led by your suggestions. If, for instance, your Chenin Blanc received a rave review, use the review to create more Chenin Blanc sales through your wine club. Drop a note into the box the next time you send out a shipment to your members and see the extra sales streaming in.

  1. Use it in an advertisement.

A short one-liner quote can be the only element you require to create a big impact and make your advertisement a roaring success. We know how difficult it is to track the return on investment for paid advertisements, so make it worth spending the thousands on advertising by using third-party influence to maximise the opportunity to generate awareness and sales.

  1. Send it to your sales partners

Get the review sent to all your sales partners across the globe. This includes your international agents and distributors as well as your local representatives and sales team. A positive review will be a great tool for them to use when pitching your product to the next client and it will give your partners the necessary confidence to do so.

  1. Display it in your tasting room

A simple table talker can be a great way to communicate a fabulous review to customers who are already in your facility and are ready to buy wine. Display the review on the counter or wherever people sit to taste wine. You can also print it on your price list or order form if space allows for it.

  1. Use it on a bottle neck tag

This may be a costly exercise, but should you have high volumes of the particular wine that was reviewed and should you be selling to a large number of retailers, it may be worth it to have neck tags printed displaying the quote from the reviewer. It will draw buyers’ attention and may be the single most important persuasive tool they need to pick up your wine instead of a competitor’s. Remember that sales are getting wine onto the shelves while good marketing is getting the wine off the shelves and into consumers’ homes.

  1. Use it at wine tasting events

When pouring your precious wine at shows, you are already amongst consumers and buyers who are interested in wine and seeking out the best of the best. Display the review on your table and tell consumers about it as you are pouring the wine.

  1. Create material for your sales partners

If you get an opportunity to promote your wine in restaurants, providing them with ready-to-use material such as table talkers or menu inserts which highlight the review, is a sure-fire way to get diners interested in your product.